All Time Best War Superhero Movies

In the latest DC animation Justice Society: World War II, we are transported back to the 1940s when The Flash’s speed force launches him into a battle between Nazi’s and The Justice Society of America. To celebrate the physical release of this exciting new addition to the DC Animated Universe, we have picked some ofContinue reading “All Time Best War Superhero Movies”

Review: Justice Society World War II (2021)

Justice Society: World War II will be released on Digital April 27, 2021, and on Blu-ray & DVD on May 10, 2021. The Flash speeds into the middle of an epic battle between Golden Age DC Super Heroes and Nazis in Justice Society: World War II, the next entry in the popular series of theContinue reading “Review: Justice Society World War II (2021)”

Review: Dark Nights Death Metal-Deluxe Edition (DC Comics)

Writer: Scott SnyderArtist: Greg Capullo and Jonathan GlapionColourist: FCO PlascenciaLetterer: Tom NapolitanoOn Sale: Individual Issues 2020 – Collected Deluxe Edition 6th April 2021 It’s the end yet it’s also the beginning as Death Metal draws the curtain on the DC universe while opening the door to endless future possibilities. This is Dark Nights Death MetalContinue reading “Review: Dark Nights Death Metal-Deluxe Edition (DC Comics)”

Review: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984 is a high energy, fast paced emotional ride and a cinematic improvement on the first movie. PLOT AND STORY We fast forward (or rewind depending on which timeline you’re coming from) to 1984 and Diana Prince is living in DC, working at the Natural History Museum while keeping her alter ego WonderContinue reading “Review: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)”

DC Fandome: Do fans want it to return?

On the 22nd August 2020 DC comics and Warner Brothers delivered a one of a kind, global event in DC Fandome. Bringing together fans from all around the world to experience this free event has never been seen before on this magnitude.  I asked the good people of twitter if they would prefer this typeContinue reading “DC Fandome: Do fans want it to return?”