Review: Ha Ha #4 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Patrick HorvathLetterer: Good Old NeonOn Sale: 21st April 2021 Its HA HA #4 with Gustav in the world of floating objects.  PLOT AND STORY Reading this series feels like going on some weird drug infused trip because every issue is as weird as it is beautiful. W. Maxwell Prince is tellingContinue reading “Review: Ha Ha #4 (Image Comics)”

Review: Home #1 (Image Comics)

Writer: Julio AntaArtist: Anna WieszczykColourist: Bryan ValenzaLetterer: Hassan Otsmane-ElhaouOn Sale: 14th April 2021 HOME is a 5 issue mini-series about a young boy who is separated from his mother at the US/Mexico border just as super human abilities begin to emerge. PLOT AND STORY This is a very heartfelt and emotional opening issue drawing onContinue reading “Review: Home #1 (Image Comics)”

Review: The Scumbag #7 (Image Comics)

Writer: Rick RemenderArtist: Francesco MobiliColourist: Moreno DinisioLetterer: Rus WootonOn Sale: 14th April 2021 The world’s fate rests with the worst person on it as The Scumbag returns. PLOT AND STORY After being bribed and cajoled, and becoming a double agent, Ernie did the right thing and stopped Scorpionus’ evil plan to turn the world’s poorContinue reading “Review: The Scumbag #7 (Image Comics)”

Review: Deep Beyond #3 (Image Comics)

Writer: Mirka Andolfo and David GoyArtist: Andrea Broccardo and Giuseppe Cafaro (pages 15/18)Colorist: Barbara NosenzoLetterer: Fabio Amelia and Maurizio ClausiOn Sale: 7th April 2021 Narrowly escaping with (some of) their lives the gang are heading deep into the unknown in search of Pam. PLOT AND STORY There is a distinctive sisterly theme in this issueContinue reading “Review: Deep Beyond #3 (Image Comics)”

Review: Nocterra #2 (Image Comics)

Writer: Scott SnyderArtist: Tony S. DanielColourist: Tomeu MoreyLetterer: Andworld DesignOn Sale: 7th April 2021 When you live in the dark sometimes the worst things are in the light as Nocterra returns with issue 2. PLOT AND STORY Val brings her passengers to their first truckstop—the Neon Grove! But with her brother getting worse by theContinue reading “Review: Nocterra #2 (Image Comics)”

Review: Crossover #5 (Image Comics)

Writer: Donny CatesArtist: Geoff ShawColorist: Dee CunniffeLetterer: John J. HillOn Sale: 31/03/2021 As Ellie gets closer to reuniting Ava with her parents the war finally catches up with them in the penultimate issue.  PLOT AND STORY  This felt like a very quick and brief issue as not a lot happened and the story flies byContinue reading “Review: Crossover #5 (Image Comics)”

Review: The Scumbag #6 (Image Comics)

Writer: Rick RemenderArtist: BengalColourist: Moreno DinisioLetterer: Rus WootonOn Sale: 24/03/2021 The world’s fate rests with the worst person on it, Ernie Ray Clementine is back baby! PLOT AND STORY He is a relic of a bygone era, the living embodiment of sex, drgs, and rock and roll – which doesn’t make things easy for theContinue reading “Review: The Scumbag #6 (Image Comics)”

Review: HA HA #3 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Roger LangridgeOn Sale: 24/03/2021 Some of the most powerful stories are told without words. PLOT AND STORY This will be one of the hardest comics I have ever had to review because there are now words. HA HA #3 depicts the story of a mime struggling to make a living. WriterContinue reading “Review: HA HA #3 (Image Comics)”

Review: Kick-Ass vs Hit Girl #5 (Image Comics)

Writer: Steve NilesArtist: Marcelo FrusinColourist: Sunny GhoLetterer: John WorkmanOn Sale: 17/03/2021 Strap in for the conclusion and final showdown between Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. PLOT AND STORY This is what the last four issues have been building towards, our two titular characters coming head to head in a no holds barred battle. There is veryContinue reading “Review: Kick-Ass vs Hit Girl #5 (Image Comics)”

Review: Radiant Black #2 (Image Comics)

Writer: Kyle HigginsArtist: Marcelo CostaLetterer: Becca CareyOn Sale: 17/03/2021 Nathan begins learning to use his powers as Radiant Black returns in a classic origin story. PLOT AND STORY Immediately following the events of issue #1 Nathan struggles with the new powers he has developed and the ongoing concerns in his personal life. As Nathan’s DadContinue reading “Review: Radiant Black #2 (Image Comics)”