Review: HA HA #5 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Gabriel Hernandez WaltaLetterer: Good Old NeonOn Sale: 26th May 2021 Another issue of HA HA arrives and it’s another individual tale of woe and sadness. PLOT AND STORY HA HA #5 is called ‘Pound Foolish Makes A Casserole’ and that is essentially the story. Pound Foolish is a retired circus clownContinue reading “Review: HA HA #5 (Image Comics)”

Review: Ha Ha #4 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Patrick HorvathLetterer: Good Old NeonOn Sale: 21st April 2021 Its HA HA #4 with Gustav in the world of floating objects.  PLOT AND STORY Reading this series feels like going on some weird drug infused trip because every issue is as weird as it is beautiful. W. Maxwell Prince is tellingContinue reading “Review: Ha Ha #4 (Image Comics)”

Review: HA HA #3 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Roger LangridgeOn Sale: 24/03/2021 Some of the most powerful stories are told without words. PLOT AND STORY This will be one of the hardest comics I have ever had to review because there are now words. HA HA #3 depicts the story of a mime struggling to make a living. WriterContinue reading “Review: HA HA #3 (Image Comics)”

Review: HA HA #2 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Zoe ThorogoodColourist: Chris O’HalloranLetterer: Good Old NeonOn Sale: 17/02/2021 It’s time to put a smile on that face, because something needs to cover the bruises. PLOT AND STORY  Time to strap in for another heart wrenching, emotional rollercoaster. Issue #2 introduces us to Rudolph as we learn her journey through lifeContinue reading “Review: HA HA #2 (Image Comics)”

Review: HA HA #1 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Vanesa Del ReyColorist: Chris O’Halloran Letterer: Good Old NeonOn Sale: 13/01/2021 HA HA is an emotional roller coaster as what begins a light hearted tale goes very dark, very quickly. PLOT AND STORY  I will admit HA HA was not on my radar until my comic preview email came through fromContinue reading “Review: HA HA #1 (Image Comics)”