Review: WandaVision Season 1 (Disney+)

Marvel gives us its bravest, most adventurous show to date but does it work? PLOT AND STORY I always aim to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible but this series will be very hard not to give away some minor spoilers to explain what it’s all about. **Minor Spoilers Ahead** We know fromContinue reading “Review: WandaVision Season 1 (Disney+)”

Review: Resonant #8 (Vault Comics)

Writer: David AndryArtist: Skylar PatridgeColourist: Jason WordieLetterer: Deron BennettDesigner: Tim Daniel On Sale: 3/3/2021 A tale of two stories as things are looking up for Paxton but worse for his kids in the best issue of Resonant so far. PLOT AND STORY  Shipwrecked, Paxton and Fern search for their companions. What they find is a seeminglyContinue reading “Review: Resonant #8 (Vault Comics)”

Review: Nocterra #1 (Image Comics)

Writer: Scott SnyderArtist: Tony S. DanielColourist: Tomeu MoeryLetterer: Deron BennettOn Sale: 3/3/2021 Legendary creators Scott Snyder (Dark Knights: Death Metal, WYTCHES) and Tony S. Daniel (Batman, Deathstroke) unveils horrors beyond any shade in this extra-sized first issue. PLOT AND STORY  Ten years after the world is plunged into an everlasting night that turns all livingContinue reading “Review: Nocterra #1 (Image Comics)”

Review: Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #2 (IDW)

Writer: Daniel Jose OlderArtist: Harvey Tolibao & Pow RodrixColourist: Rebecca NaltyLetterer: Jake M. WoodOn Sale: 03/02/2021 With the Jedi in a tricky situation who is better than a young Yoda and a Jedi called Buckets of Blood to the rescue? PLOT AND STORY Flaming destruction has come to Trymant IV! Childhood best friends Zeen and Krix try toContinue reading “Review: Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #2 (IDW)”

Review: Star Wars: Shadow Fall (2020)

Alphabet Squadron’s hunt for the most dangerous TIE fighters in the galaxy continues in this STAR WARS adventure! Available in Hardback, paperback and digital now. STORY News of the New Republic’s victory still reverberates through the galaxy. In its wake, the capital ships of the newly legitimized galactic government journey to the farthest stars, seekingContinue reading “Review: Star Wars: Shadow Fall (2020)”

Review: Crossover #4 (Image Comics)

Writer: Donny CatesArtist: Geoff ShawColorist: Dee CunniffeLetterer: John J. HillOn Sale: 24/02/2021 The comic book crossover event returns with more page turning fantasy. PLOT AND STORY  Our rag tag group moves that much closer to finding Ava’s parents with the help of Madman and his superhero friends. However things are not as straightforward as theyContinue reading “Review: Crossover #4 (Image Comics)”

Review: Scumbag #5 (Image Comics)

Writer: Rick RemenderArtist: Wes CraigColourist: Moreno DinisioLetterer: Rus WootonOn Sale: 24/02/2021 Agent Scumbag faces his ultimate challenge and will he do the right thing or will he do the right thing for him? PLOT AND STORY As the arc of the story comes to an end we see Ernie and Sister Mary face their toughestContinue reading “Review: Scumbag #5 (Image Comics)”

Review: Star Trek Lower Decks Season 1 (2021)

Forget about Kirk, Picard and Janeway, meet the crew who really make the spaceships fly on the lower decks, available to watch on Amazon Prime Video now. PLOT AND STORY  The support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos have to keep up with their duties, often while the shipContinue reading “Review: Star Trek Lower Decks Season 1 (2021)”

Review: HA HA #2 (Image Comics)

Writer: W. Maxwell PrinceArtist: Zoe ThorogoodColourist: Chris O’HalloranLetterer: Good Old NeonOn Sale: 17/02/2021 It’s time to put a smile on that face, because something needs to cover the bruises. PLOT AND STORY  Time to strap in for another heart wrenching, emotional rollercoaster. Issue #2 introduces us to Rudolph as we learn her journey through lifeContinue reading “Review: HA HA #2 (Image Comics)”

Review: Snow Angels #1 (Comixology Originals)

Writer: Jeff LemireArtist: JockLetterer: Steve WandsOn Sale: 16/02/2021 Remember the three golden rules 1. You must never leave the trench 2. The trench provides and 3. The trench is endless. PLOT AND STORY  In Snow Angels, Milliken and Mae have never left The Trench—it’s all they’ve ever known. They were born in The Trench, andContinue reading “Review: Snow Angels #1 (Comixology Originals)”