Review: Shadow Service #8 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Cavan ScottArtist: Corin HowellColorist: Triona FarellLetterer: Andworld DesignDesigner: Tim Daniel On Sale: 26th May 2021 It’s back to the MI666 as Cavan Scott and Corin Howell’s supernatural thriller takes a dark turn. PLOT AND STORY  Captured! Betrayed by the only person she ever trusted, Gina Meyer played the spy game and lost. Now, as sheContinue reading “Review: Shadow Service #8 (Vault Comics)”

Review: Money Shot #11 (Vault Comics)

Writers: Tim Seeley & Sarah BeattieArtist: Caroline Leigh LayneColorist: Kurt Michael RussellLetterer: Crank!Designer: Tim Daniel On Sale: 26th May 2021 Just when you thought it was safe to start reading space comics again BOOM Money Shot is back with a new arc and new thrills. PLOT AND STORY With a founding member on the outs, ChrisContinue reading “Review: Money Shot #11 (Vault Comics)”

Review: Witchblood #3 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Matthew ErmanArtist: Lisa SterleColorist: Gab ContrerasLetterer: Andworld DesignDesigner: Tim Daniel On Sale: 26th May 2021 Welcome to Witchblood Chapter 3: The Darkness in the Sheds of Town! PLOT AND STORY  The Hounds of Love are hunting. Next stop: San Sangre, a city of blood, faith, and bad vibes. The stomping grounds of curse-hunters and gunslingers.Continue reading “Review: Witchblood #3 (Vault Comics)”

The Best of Zack Synder

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the unmissable 2021 director’s cut of the 2017 American superhero film Justice League. To celebrate its release we wanted to look back across some of Zack Snyder’s highlights, bringing you some of our favourite Synder specials! Zack Snyder’s Justice League is out now on Digital, 4K UHDTM, Blu-ray, DVD andContinue reading “The Best of Zack Synder”

Review: Army of the Dead (2021)

Army of the Dead is a new movie from Writer/Director Zack Snyder and is available to watch on Netflix from 21st May 2021. PLOT AND STORY  Following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted. ThisContinue reading “Review: Army of the Dead (2021)”

Review: TMNT Best of Splinter (IDW)

The TMNT “Best of” series continues with everyone’s favorite sensei– Splinter! Wise and with a tragic past, Splinter forms the core of the Turtle family. Taking stories from multiple publishers, this is the book to read for Splinter’s greatest tales! This 100 page greatest hits one shot contains 4 different comics. REVIEW As a oneContinue reading “Review: TMNT Best of Splinter (IDW)”

Review: The Scumbag #8 (Image Comics)

Writer: Rick RemenderArtist: Alex RiegelColourist: Moreno DinisioLetterer: Rus WootonOn Sale: 19th May 2021 The Scumbag returns with the most fun, most bonkers issue of the series and I loved every single page. PLOT AND STORY  Having rested on his itchy laurels, Ernie’s eager to put a stop to the bohemian terrorist group Moonflower (a groovyContinue reading “Review: The Scumbag #8 (Image Comics)”

Review: I Walk With Monsters #6 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Paul CornellArtist: Sally Cantirino Colorist: Dearbhla KellyLetterer: AndworldDesigner: Tim Daniel On Sale: 19th May 2021 All is lost. Jacey failed to take her revenge. Of course she did. So what does she have left? PLOT AND STORY  The final issue is here and what a ride we have been on with Jacey and David. This hasContinue reading “Review: I Walk With Monsters #6 (Vault Comics)”

Review: Home #2 (Image Comics)

Writer: Julio AntaArtist: Anna WieszczykColourist: Bryan ValenzaLetterer: Hassan Otsmane-ElhaouOn Sale: 19th May 2021 After a grueling journey from Guatemala to the US-Mexico border everything goes wrong leaving Juan on his own.  PLOT AND STORY  When Juan is separated from his mother, something begins to change in him. His hands begin to glow and eventually, theContinue reading “Review: Home #2 (Image Comics)”

Review: Radiant Black #4 (Image Comics)

Writer: Kyle HigginsArtist: Marcelo CostaLetterer: Becca CareyOn Sale: 19th May 2021 Radiant Black returns to form with a move I didn’t see coming and may shock a few readers.  PLOT AND STORY  I was quite critical of last month’s issue because I felt the story didn’t progress. That has been well and truly correct inContinue reading “Review: Radiant Black #4 (Image Comics)”