Review: Voyage To The Stars TPB (IDW)

Writer: Ryan Copple & James Asmus
Artist: Connie Daidone
Colorist: Reggie Graham
Letterer: Andworld Designs Justin Birch 
On Sale: 15th June 2021

The hit sci-fi comedy podcast blasts into comics with this all-new graphic novel adventure!


Voyage to the Stars is a bonafide podcast phenomenon starring Colton Dunn (Superstore), Felicia Day (Supernatural), Janet Varney (Legend of Korra), Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds), and Steve Berg (Drunk History)! With 2.5 million downloads in its debut year and over 100,000 viewers on Twitch, the wild sci-fi podcast that’s consistently ranked in the Top 100 for comedy is now on its way to conquer the comics world.

The comic also contains a hilarious introduction from one of the podcast stars Felicia Day.


Earth is gone. Only one intrepid crew of misfits managed to escape, now determined and ambiguously destined to stop a growing, ancient evil from consuming the universe. Though stopping it may be tricky, as our heroes can’t help but destroy just about every planet and species they come across. Kinda debatable who’s the bigger threat.

As someone who had never listened to the podcast this comic was a complete surprise to me when it landed on my doorstep from Penguin Random House Global (Thank you as always). Surprised I was, pleasantly surprised. I am a big fan of sci-fi space adventures and found great joy in reading this book pulling similarities to other series I adore like Space Bandits from Millarworld/Image and Money Shot from Vault.

Voyage to the Stars is a mash up of different quirky characters who once put together in the same room make for some funny antics. My favourite by far is the over confident yet somewhat useless self appointed captain. Most of the story’s humour is driven through him while the other characters bring heart, hope and realism to connect with. Writers Ryan Coppel and James Asmus combine to create a story which flows at a nice pace with all the right ingredients: humour, adventure, action and suspense. There are plenty of pop culture references for a modern audience but with some references the older generation will appreciate, I’m looking at you Weekend at Bernies!


Illustrated by Connie Daido with a fun and animated style. We meet some weird and wonderful looking characters from outer space who really pull you into the sci-fi elements. It’s here also where the book shines with some glorious space battles creating large splashes of bold, bright and vibrant colours by Reggie Graham over the top of some uniquely created spaceships and settings. I enjoyed the modern and futuristic designs of the characters and couldn’t help but think this could transfer really well into an animated show for adults.


A book and podcast I was unaware of but am very pleased to have now read and also listened to the first few episodes. A fun frolic in space with funny characters and sharp witty humour for a mature audience to enjoy.

I read this via an advance preview physical copy issued by Penguin Random House on behalf of IDW publishing. All images and artwork are courtesy of IDW and their respective owners.

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