Review: Future State Justice League TPB (DC Comics)

Out on 22nd June 2021 in collected trade paperback is Future State: Justice League which collects Future State: Justice League #1-2, Future State: Justice League Dark #1-2, Future State: Aquaman #1-2, Future State: Flash #1-2, and Future State: Green Lantern #1-2 including the backup Green Lantern Corps stories The Taking of Sector 0123, The Book of Guy, Recon and Dead Space.

At the start of 2021 DC Comics paused its entire ongoing comic book catalogue and launched a two month event called Future State. This was an almost soft reset of the DC Universe with some series not returning and an overhaul of the creative teams on the returning series. The conclusion to Future State ushered in the new DC continuity known as Infinite Frontier. 

DC Future State spotlights the World’s Greatest Super Heroes in fresh new roles, with all-new characters taking up their iconic mantles. DC Future State features an incredible array of creative talent, combining award-winning writers and artists with new voices from the worlds of TV, movies and animation. Discover the DC Universe like never before!


This is a two issue story arc written by Brandon Vietti, Drawn by Dale Eaglesham, coloured by Mike Atiyeh with letters from Steve Wands. The story finds Barry Allen battling for the soul of his former Flash partner, Wally West while calling on help from the whole Flash Family and a few of his rogues gallery. Drawn and coloured brilliantly with page after page of action sequences. The story itself is a well constructed tale that brings everything we love about the flash to the front like his will, his hope and his never say quit attitude when it comes to helping people, especially his family.


This is a two issue story arc written by Brandon Thomas, drawn by Daniel Sampere, coloured by Adriano Lucas with letters from Clayton Cowles.

This is one wild ride as Jackson Hyde and Andy Curry, son of Black Manta and daughter of Aquaman, must find each other again after being torn apart if they hope to escape the mysterious universe-spanning One Great Ocean! During this tale we explore the ever expanding universe of the oceans and are truly spoiled with Daniel Sampere’s glorious art. A magical adventure with pages full of endless realistic features and stunning splashes which floods the pages with an elegant yet bold colour scheme.


This is a two issue story arc written by Ram V, drawn by Marcio Takara, coloured by Marcelo Maiolo with letters from Rob Leigh.

The Justice League Dark emerges from years of hiding to fight the villainous force stalking supernatural heroes and villains alike!

This is my standout series from this collection. Justice League Dark has always been a favourite group of characters in the DC Universe for me and this story, in just two issues, proves exactly why they offer more creativity, more diversity and more excitement than any other group. A story packed full of magic, powers, emotion and incredible characters drawn exquisitely. Every panel on every page flows like a dream while Marcio Takara and Marcelo Maiolo’s art is perfectly showing the story in their unique and distinctive style.


This is a two issue story arc written by Geoffrey Thorne, drawn by Tom Raney, coloured by Mike Atiyeh with letters from Andworld Design.

John Stewart and his band of abandoned Green Lanterns must hold the line against an invasion of murderous zealots in an uncharted dark sector after their rings have stopped working!

These two issues are simply bonkers non stop action. Every page is full of sword battles, gun battles, magic battles in a relentless tale of David and Goliath. Of course our band of heroes are the David in this story and boy does it make for a wild conclusion. The artwork is incredible and must have taken so long to drawn with every square inch being full of war zone debris.


This is a two issue story arc written by Joshua Williamson, drawn by Robson Rocha, inked by Daniel Henriques, coloured by Romulo Fajardo Jr with letters from Tom Napolitano.

In the far-flung future…An all-new Justice League must investigate the mysterious death of their greatest foes―the Legion of Doom! As the anchor story in the book it certainly ends the book on a high. Justice League members new and old are depicted in this story with the strong, serious tone we have come to expect over the years. A dazzling display of characters with some new designs while paying homage to costumes of old especially with characters like Batman and Wonder Woman.


This is a fantastic collection of Future State stories that can all be read independently but gives you a great idea of Future State as a whole. There are some cracking stories here cleverly confined to two issues at a time which I think is why each story is bang bang bang never giving you a minute to catch your breath.

The extra Green Lantern Corps stories and character design gallery at the end are nice extras in an already packed book. It’s extra content like this that gives people extra reason to invest in the trade copy if they might have read the individual issues when they were originally released.

I read this via an advance physical preview copy issued by Penguin Random House on behalf of DC Comics and received no incentive to review this comic. All images and artwork are courtesy of DC Comics and their respective owners.

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