Review: Radiant Black #5 (Image Comics)

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artists: Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato & Natalia Marques
Letterer: Becca Carey
On Sale: 16th June 2021

The first arc of RADIANT BLACK ends here! 


Radiant Red is still out there. He needs to be stopped before anyone else gets hurt. But after the events of last issue left Lockport-and the world-reeling, is Radiant Black up to the task? And will he be in this fight alone?

Radiant Black has been inconsistent for me so far with an incredible couple of opening issues before the last couple which I found to be off the pace. This issue which draws a close to the first arc certainly proves a return to form with Kyle Higgins writing an action packed issue with a cracking cliffhanger ending setting things up for a very interesting return.


For me the best thing about this series has been the art and this issue proves exactly why. Every page drawn by Marcelo Costa and Eduardo Ferigato and coloured by Natalia Marques is a delight to look at. Everything is just so perfect with this book from the close up emotional scenes to the page wide flying scenes and the hand to hand combat battles.

The pages which really stood out for me in this issue are the battle pages between Black and Red. They scale high and low on land, air and sea with amazing character designs. 


The first chapter of Radiant Black comes to an end and it’s a very exciting issue setting things up really well for what’s next to come. At the start this series felt like something really special with its approach to an origin story and now all the groundwork has been laid, I hope Radiant Black comes back with a bang.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Image comics and received no incentive to review this comic. All images and artwork are courtesy of Image comics and their respective owners.

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