Review: Everfrost #1 (Black Mask Comics)

Writer: Ryan K Lindsay
Artist: Sami Kivela
Colorist: Lauren Affee
Letterer: Jim Campbell
On Sale: 2nd June 2021

Everfrost has interstellar giant alien skull-whales, emotional flashbacks, sky fights, clones, and a giant sword. It’s wild, it’s absolutely stunning, and it’s designed to also make you feel a little, too.


EVERFROST is a sci-fi miniseries that follows Van, a scientist who retired to the ice coast to die, who has finally figured out a way to fly away from Earth. But first she needs to work out how and why she just bumped into her son who she hasn’t seen since he died in her arms when he was a child.

This opening issue is absolutely packed full of content with plenty and world building and character development on every page. Ryan K Lindsay has built a world in which anything seems possible. Monsters, dragons and talking monkeys are but a few of the weird and wonderful things we meet. In the leading lady Van, Lindsay has created a character who I feel people will connect with on an emotional level because she has seen tragedy in her life and had given up but now could all that be changing? This is the journey readers will keep coming back for.


This book packs a mighty punch with some stunning artwork. Sami Kivela draws very well proportioned and detailed pages packed to the brim with creativity. Be it the crazy long monkey tail which has a life of it’s own or a walking ice monster this book has so much going on. Fans of comics with that sci-fi feeling but in a humanized way will feel right at home here pulling Blade Runner and Tokyo Ghost vibes. But then the nature of the story yields elements of a medieval era and also draws comparisons to Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

The colour scheme here takes on an electric blue throughout which plays into the title Everfrost but also creates a cold and unforgiven icy environment in which our hero van lives. Colourist Lauren Affee also applies a nice pastel palette to the rest of the book creating a great atmosphere.

Letterer extraordinaire Jim Campbell completes the creative team with a varying range of letters across the different characters. 


Black Mask Comics have had a few good comics recently but I feel Everfrost could become their first major series. Packed full of world building and interesting characters the first issue of this 4 series arc feels like something special. There is a lot to read and a lot to take it but once people give this a chance I think it will hook many people to come back for issue #2.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Black Mask Comics and received no incentive to review this comic. All images and artwork are courtesy of Black Mask comics and their respective owners.

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