Review: Shadowman #2 (Valiant Comics)

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt
Colourist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
On Sale: 26th May 2021

Shadowman #2 presents a tale that brings Jack Boniface, aka SHADOWMAN, and Baron Samedi to Enoch, Arizona… and a new kind of terror is waiting for them.


There are certain writers that no matter what they write you just love and Cullen Bunn is one of those writers for me. From the day I picked up The Sixth Gun I have found everything he writes to be a fantastic read and he is once again delivering the goods with Shadowman. Both issues so far have been built on a simple structure; Shadowman needs to stop bad people from doing bad things and releasing spirits into our world. That’s it, that’s the plot, but delivering a simple story well is 100% better than delivering a complex story badly. Entwined within this story though are little glancing looks and shadowy figures which makes you think more is at play and I’m sure it will pay off in future episodes.

What stands out for me in this issue in particular is the chemistry between Shadowman and Samedi. They are like lifelong friends who hate each other one minute and love them the next. They don’t trust each other either but are constantly drawn together in times of need and all this creates such a fun bond for the reader.


So far in this series I couldn’t fault anything even if I wanted to. The character designs, the emotional close ups and the gut wrenching gore in the action scenes are quite simply brilliant. Jon Davis-Hunt seems to be the perfect fit to Bunn’s story as everything flows so naturally throughout the pages. Jordie Bellaire is not to be forgotten with such an elegant colour palette. I particularly like the dull tones used on the run down buildings and the use of shading around the shadows to add that element of mystery. 

Completing this dynamic team on lettering is Clayton Cowles who uses different fonts with the different characters in a way which makes me read their dialogue in different voices without even thinking about it. That is a very skillful talent to have. For anyone interested I have been reading Shadowman in Mahershala Ali’s voice, Baron Samedi in Ron Perlman’s voice.


Shadowman is a series where both writer and artist are at the top of their game. The story is dark and scary but also fun with some subtle humour while the artwork is clean, crisp and very stylish. I guessed I would like Shadowman but I never thought I would like it this much as its quickly becoming one of my favourite comics out right now. When a comic does so much right and there is nothing I didn’t like, it makes scoring very easy.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Valiant comics and received no incentive to review this comic. All images and artwork are courtesy of Valiant comics and their respective owners.

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