Review: Shadow Service #7 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Corin Howell
Colorist: Triona Farrell
Letterer: Andworld 
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 28th April 2021

Lies, Lies and more lies, what has Gina got into as Shadow Service returns.


First she was a witch. Then she was a spy. Now she’s a traitor. Gina Meyer enters the lioness’s den as she prepares to defect to the Queen of the Underworld. Plus, the truth about Gina’s relationships with Quill and Edwin is revealed…with devastating consequences.

Things are heating up as Cavan Scott treats us to a delectable slice of deception. This is a comic about magic and mystery which is in perfect synergy with the actual story being told as we witness turn after turn and never quite know what is going to happen next. This issue does an excellent job in exploring Gina’s past while mirroring the path she is on right now. She is a witch who has done bad things to get by in life, does that make her a bad person?


Something I have always enjoyed about this series is how every issue takes on a prominent colour. This issue is heavily infused with dark pink and purples which works cleverly with the story. There are a few dark moments in the story which shift more towards the purple and they a few lighter and even sexier pages shift towards the pinks. These subtle changes in the colour enables the story to connect stronger with the reader. This is a talent the artistic pair of Corin Howell and Triona Farrell have perfected over the last 7 issues.

Also a worthy mention in this issue was the designs of a few new characters we meet. The clever use of some magical gadgetry takes an attractive, seductive woman one second into a hideous, menacing looking creature the next.

Andworld Design again on lettering duties and deserve a special mention for some awesome looking letters during a few pages towards the end when zombies (yes zombies!) are after Gina.


This has been my favourite issue of volume 2 so far simply because the way the story twists and turns and grips me on every page. The artwork continues to impress me by creating new and interesting characters. Witches, Zombies, Monsters and talking rats, if that isn’t enough to entice people then this may not be the comic for them.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Vault Comics and received no incentive to review this comic. All images and art work are courtesy of Vault Comics and their respective owners.

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