Review: Witchblood #2 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Matthew Erman
Artist: Lisa Sterle
Colourist: Gab Contreras
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 28th April 2021

Witches, magic and vampires must mean it’s the return of Witchblood with chapter two: Burning for you.


With Carlos buring, the injured witch Yonna has taken off into the wild deserts of west Texas. Meanwhile Paxton, Labelle and the hounds of love ride to New Madrid in Victory, following divination magic to their next target.

The story of this issue really develops as we learn the Hounds of Love biker gang actually have purpose and a goal and are not just a marauding blood sucking gang of misfits. This revelation from writer Matthew Erman throws the series into a whole new light for me and has me super excited to watch it unravel. 

There is also some nice character development with Yonna as she is slowly falling into the reluctant hero role. She has a (long) past, she has secrets and is this the reason she appears to be running away from everyone or is she just scared of getting close to people? I’m excited to see these two entwined journeys come together. 


Lisa Sterle draws another nice looking comic with unique and somewhat peculiar dressed characters which adds a quirkiness to the book. What stood out especially for me in this issue was the colours from Gab Contreras which are striking. The book glows with an almost 1980’s aura making every page jump out at you and suck you back in. The subtle use of purple in unusual places like walls and kirbs gives panels something extra.

There are a couple of pages to note in this issue towards the start when Yonna is being helped by her witch friend. As spells are being performed in some form of cleansing ritual I really liked the way this is drawn with a mist-like entity coming out of Yonna’s body. This reminds readers about the magic element to this story and makes me wonder what else is possible.

Jim Campbell once again delivers clean and precise lettering and as with most comics the letterer is the unsung hero. This comic has a lot going on in every panel and a lot of dialogue so it’s a true art form to fit all the words in without restricting any of the detail.


Witchblood is another smash hit from Vault comics and this feels like just the beginning for what could be a big, extended world of Witches and Vampires as the future possibilities are endless and I’m very excited to see it develop. Also, don’t miss the soundtrack recommendation in this issue which is a nice touch to enhance the readers experience. 

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Vault Comics and received no incentive to review this comic. All images are courtesy of Vault Comics and their respective owners.

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