Review: Dark Nights Death Metal-Deluxe Edition (DC Comics)

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion
Colourist: FCO Plascencia
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
On Sale: Individual Issues 2020 – Collected Deluxe Edition 6th April 2021

It’s the end yet it’s also the beginning as Death Metal draws the curtain on the DC universe while opening the door to endless future possibilities. This is Dark Nights Death Metal Deluxe edition which collects all seven issues in hardback form with a stunning foil wrap cover.


Dark Nights Death Metal is a seven issue series which follows and wraps up the Metal and Batman Who Laughs series. This is a major event series which has been brilliantly written by Scott Snyder to mean everything to regular DC Comics readers while also being able to be its own stand alone book which any casual reader can pick up and enjoy. 

The story follows Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the whole Justice League trying to stop the Batman Who Laughs from taking over the Multiverse. This requires the help of virtually every DC comics character you can think of and is an absolute joy to read from cover to cover. In this adventure we learn that the stakes could not be higher because if they fail the cost is the fate of the entire Multiverse. 

Previous events like Crisis on Infinite Earths or Flashpoint had a purpose of closing the current catalogue of ongoing comic series and rebooting it to start from scratch. Death Metal is everything as important as these events but with a different end goal. While DC Comics did halt all ongoing series during January and February 2021 following this event, the past is not being forgotten. In fact, this event does slightly reset the timeline to a point just before the arrival of The Batman Who Laughs but everyone remembers everything. Nothing is being lost or reset, DC Comics Carries on in a new Multiverse with all the memories of the last. Now if you are a fan of a Multiverse like me then you will also be super excited to see the endless possibilities we now have.

This series really has it all with heroes turned villains, villains turned heroes and universe ending villains and every power imaginable on display. But, the one thing for me that really makes this book stand out is how Snyder displays the trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman highlighting their greatest strengths as the biggest weapons available. Batman with his sheer determination to never give up, Superman and his will to do what is right and Wonder Woman with the biggest heart in the universe who is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. 


The dynamic duo is back together with Scott Snyder once again collaborating with artist Greg Capullo just like they did with Batman: The Court of Owls and Batman: Last Night on Earth. Capullo is a favourite artist of mine anyway having co created one of my absolute favourite comics of all time Reborn with Mark Millar.

This series is absolutely stunning to look at. Every panel on every page is filled with so much detail and joy breaking down the story in such a way that you feel every punch and every throw of the Batarang and you see the emotion in every death and loss. What really stands out is that Metal isn’t just in the title because this is the most metal DC comic I have ever read. All the characters are towards the end of a long and devastating battle making them all have very different looks. Superman half alive and half succumbed to the Anti-Life equation with rock like skin and Batman relying on his Black Lantern ring to stay alive.

There are many battles throughout this book with multiple page splashes which one day I hope to see printed and framed on my wall. In particular towards the end there is a battle with all of the universes heroes fight the Batman Who Laughs army and the depth and details is mesmerizing. Every inch of the two pages are crammed full of every DC hero you can think of fighting alongside people who they probably fought against at one point showing just how much the DC universe has come together to win this war.


This is a must read series for all comic book fans but not just because of its significance in the continuity of DC comics but because this is a master class in delivering a story. If you want a story you can invest in and believe in the characters, care about the decisions they make and be visually immersed in the journey through great artwork then it gets no better than Dark Nights Death Metal.  DC comics are now in the Infinite Frontier era of comics with an endless amount of future possibilities and Dark Nights Death Metal is the story that gave birth to this new chapter.

I read this via an advance printed copy of the Deluxe Edition issued by Penguin Random House and received no other incentive to review this comic. All images and artwork are courtesy of DC Comics and their respective owners.

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