Review: I Walk With Monsters #4 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Sally Cantirino
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Andworld
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 17/03/2021

As we move closer to confronting the important man, decisions need to be made about what Jacey and David are willing to sacrifice to achieve their goal.


Jacey and David head into the heart of darkness-now and in their memories.  Alone and lost, Jacey must confront the man who took her brother.

This issue is suspense at it’s best from Paul Cornell. Jacey and David have found the important man and they plot their advance on his compound. I really enjoyed the way this issue flashes back to the days Jacey and David meet and we learn more about David’s abilities. 

What I love about this series is how it’s written with very little dialogue but still manages to give a full and complete story. Both Jacey and David are reserved and private people so it makes perfect sense they don’t offer up many private details and their relationship is built around trust in what they do rather than what they say.


I Walk With Monsters has a rough yet detailed appearance. It’s not drawn with slick solid lines but with varied and uneven lines which creates such a unique style. I love the fact that this comic has its own style and doesn’t look like the majority of other comics on the shelves which is why I believe this will stand out for people who like quirky artwork.

Artist Sally Cantrino and colourist Dearbhla Kelly combine to create a great looking comic which helps tell an emotional story with a low word count. In this issue the last couple of pages really stood out for me as Jacey and David make their way to confront the important man. As they make their way through a house, what stood out is the way the walls are drawn in a way to surround Jacey to tell the audience how enclosed and in danger she is. 

Andworld Design brings the words to life with stylish and well placed letters. This issue in particular stands out with a great range of colours and fonts to tell the stories of different characters at different times in their lives.


I Walk With Monsters continues to be one of my must read comics but I understand it won’t be for everyone. A story based around difficult subject matter with some very dark tones but if you’re like me you will find this comic grabs hold of your interest and won’t let go until it’s over.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Vault Comics and received no incentive to review this comic. All artwork and images are courtesy of Vault comics and their respective owners.

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