Review: Radiant Black #1 (Image Comics)

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Marcelo Costa
Letterer: Becca Carey
On Sale: 10/02/2021

A new superhero comic launches with a perfect origin story for issue #1.


In my opinion there is always room for more comics and more superheroes so Radiant Black is a welcome addition to the genre. Writer Kyle Higgins uses a tried and tested origin story formula to create a near perfect origin issue. 

The reader will meet our main protagonist in the form of Nathan Burnett, a failed writer returning to his hometown with his tail between his legs. While catching up with old friends and family Nathan gains super powers. Something about this story really works for me, it’s not an original concept but maybe it’s the familiar feeling that just works. The down and out loser who has nothing left to lose suddenly finds themselves thrust into a new world of powers and responsibility. 

Reading this feels like Kyle Higgins has been heavily influenced by the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby golden age of comics as this story also grounds itself in realism with relatable characters who can do amazing things. 


‘Insert GIF of hand clapping’ a big well done to Marcelo Costa on full artistic duties with both the art and the colours. A bright, crisp and modern looking comic which perfectly blends with the story.

With a steady build up throughout the comic things really start to dazzle towards the end as our protagonist finds his powers and learns to use them. The final page gives us the cliffhanger to return for issue #2 and a whole page spread of one character is amazing with a reverse Flash type of vibe.

Becca Carey does a great job with the letters by making them stand out without distracting from the art. A simple change of bubble to show the tone of the words helps enhance the reading experience. 


In an age when some comics try too hard to make a statement or enforce an agenda, Radiant Black is a refreshing new comic setting itself up as a simple, care free superhero story. A series that fans of Fantastic Four, Spider-Man or X-Men will enjoy.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Image Comics and received no incentive to review this comic.

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