Review: Greenland (2021)

Gerard Butler returns to save the day in another disaster movie with plenty of action and special effects. 


A comet is on a collision course with Earth which will cause an extinction level event while a Dad fights to save his family. Yes this is a disaster movie which follows the standard disaster movie format, an incident is going to cause chaos, a parent gets separated from the rest of their family and spends the whole movie trying to find them while both combat the impending doom. This is essentially the same movie as The Day After Tomorrow, San Andreas or 2012 as they all do the exact same thing just with different types of disaster events.

Even though this has plot points we have seen over and over again there is still that sense of enjoyment from similarities. I for one like these types of movies and think they make great family entertainment. There are a few moments where the story tries to represent the mentality of people during a crisis which I’m sure took real life inspiration from what we have seen in the news over recent years. These brief moments added an extra element of realism which will spark conversations after you finish watching and make you realise just how close to the edge people are.

Written by Chris Sparling who I am not familiar with but none the less does an admirable job in layering the story as best he can. A few mini plot points regarding marital problems and family life add that extra level of suspense to the story. 


Greenland looks like a Hollywood blockbuster with all the big effects and theatrics. The CGI is believable and makes the settings look realistic and the big impact scenes land making this quite a polished movie. There are the odd moments when a car is out running some form of disaster and escapes unscathed but what Hollywood movie doesn’t have that?

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh who also worked with Gerard Butler on Angel Has Fallen. Greenland doesn’t bring anything new to the genre but delivers an entertaining, visually impressive movie. At times this feels like a movie made in the early 2000’s because that was a time this type of movie was popular but that’s not to say this doesn’t feel like it’s set in 2020 with some clever nods towards public actions and awareness to dealing with disaster. 


Gerard Butler tops the bill as John Garrity in yet another action/drama save the world role which is completely forgettable. I’m a big fan of Butler and refuse to believe his best roles like 300, Rock n Rolla and Law Abiding Citizen are behind him but I just wish he would step away from these cheesy family disaster movies and get back to more action roles. 

Playing the wife Allison Garrity was Morena Baccarin who is always believable and a joy to watch. I enjoyed her performance with a genuinely emotional display as a loving wife and mother.

Roger Dale Floyd plays the son Nathan Garrity and at 8 years old did a solid job. Unfortunately plot decisions always make the kid the scapegoat in these types of movies with their actions which put everyone in danger but that is on the writers and not the actor.


Greenland is a classic disaster movie with plenty of action and offers a couple of hours worth of escapism. After the year 2020 has been you can’t ask for much more.

I watched this via Amazon Prime Video and recieved no incentive to review this movie.

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