Review: Resonant #7 (Vault Comics)

Writer: David Andry
Artist: Skylar Patridge
Colourist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 03/02/2021

A wave is coming, and it’s a big one as fear and emotions run deep in issue #7.


Ty rejoins Bec and Stef, but there is no time for a family reunion. Maw, Preacher, and their followers are on their way to the cabin with brutal intentions. Paxton, Claire, and Miki have escaped from the clutches of Honcho, but rough waters await them.

David Andry gives us a very bleak issue this month as things appear to be going from bad to worse for Ty, Bec and Paxton. I understand this isn’t a series you read for that feel good factor but I did find myself really feeling incredibly worried for Ty, bec and Stef in particular. The beauty of what David Andry brings to this series is the overwhelming message of love and family bonds. Without that many of these characters would have nothing to cling to.


Artist Skylar Partridge and colourist Jason Wordie bring such a unique style to this book which I don’t think could compliment the story more perfectly. A bleak, desolate world with devilish characters absolutely makes this a book to read with the lights on. 

Each page looks like a watercolor portrait with rough, long sweeps which over emphasise the detail of a creaking tree branch or the crash of a wave. A number of pages really stood out in this issue for me. The first being a full page splash of the open sea showing a gigantic wave approaching a boat which perfectly depicts the impending doom the passengers will be facing. Another page which deserves a special mention is towards the end of the issue when Ty and Bec are in the woods being chased by Paxton and as a wave kicks in the page becomes full of the “CHIR” sound. I think it looks incredible how we see the detail of our characters but every inch of space on the page surrounding them is full of the word CHIR so the reader knows their ears must be ringing with this noise. I’m not sure if this was the artists, letterer Deron Bennett or a collective effort but an incredible piece of art.


Resonant continues to be one of the most unique comics on the shelves today. A world ravaged by unimaginable powers, corruption, warlords and disasters but detailing passionate stories about love and family. I tried to explain this to someone recently and found myself saying “Imagine Mad Max set on a tropical island”.  

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Vault Comics and received no incentive to review this comic.

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