Review: Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #3 (Image Comics)

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Marcelo Frusin
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Letterer: John Workman
On Sale: 13/01/2021

As Kick-Ass and Hit Girl throw down a new adversary enters the fray.


There isn’t much to talk about this month as issue #3 felt like one big fight scene. If action is what you want from a Kick-Ass comic then action is what you get. 

Steve Niles splits this issue into three distinct sections. The first being one hell of a fight between Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. The second dealing with Patience troubles at home hiding her secret identity. The third and final section introduces us to a new enemy for the ass kicking duo. The final section being the most intriguing as it’s sure to push our duo together and that’s when things will get messy.


Most of my praise for this issue needs to be directed towards Marcelo Frusin and Sunny Gho with their stunning action packed artwork. 

The opening few pages are pure comic book joy as the fight scenes are drawn against empty backgrounds. Reminiscent to early Batman comics when you see the characters launching forward with a kick and a bright, plain background with subtle motion lines. I really like this classic style of comic art as it puts 100% focus on the character allowing you to spot every move and emotion they are feeling.


An issue that took a matter of minutes to zip through due to its lack of dialogue but makes up for it with brilliant action sequences. I would have perhaps liked a bit more meat on the story throughout the middle but the ending has me eager to see what issue #4 serves up.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Image Comics and received no incentive to review this comic.

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