Review: Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5)

Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony
Platform: Playstation 4 & 5 (Exclusive)
Release date: November 2020

I think we can all agree the first Spider-Man game was a surprise hit and people did not expect it to be as good as it was. Miles Morales takes all the good bits from the first game and makes them slicker, faster and better.


The game is centred around a linear story which you can play through in one straight run or drop in and out while you complete side missions in the open world of New York City.

The story picks up where the first game left off, with Miles Morales discovering his Spider-Man abilities. Peter Parker is going on vacation and hands over his suit to Miles to protect the city while he is gone. As you would expect, things pretty much go from bad to worse the second Peter leaves.

Although the story doesn’t seem as long as the original game with around 7-10 hours of gameplay there is still plenty of enjoyment to be had completing missions and watching the stunning cut scenes. With some very relevant and political messages built into the narrative makes this game more than just a beat em up. 

At first it felt like there was a lack of villains in the game as every mission was related to The Tinkerer and their Underground Gang. As the story develops you meet more boss battles including The Prowler and Kingpin with a very enticing post credit scene which teases a potential third game featuring Harry Osbourne and Venom.


If you are a completionist then the open world is where you will spend the vast majority of your time. There are literally hundreds of side quests and missions all which feel very familiar to the first game and unfortunately start to feel very repetitive after a while. Not that you need to complete all these to enjoy the game but the experience points you earn are what help you unlock gadgets, abilities and different suits so it’s worth spending time here.

It’s also great fun just swinging around the vast city of New York with endless high rise buildings and stunning, detailed landmarks and why not drop by the Avengers tower.


I have been playing this on the Playstation 5 and found the controls to be extremely smooth. If you played the first game then again you won’t see much change in your playing style but what you see on screen looks a lot different. The first game which was obviously built on an older generation console looked good but the combat system felt a little clunky and was very reliant on you lining your moves up perfectly straight otherwise you wouldn’t connect. This game however has a genuine 3D feel to it as you can launch attacks on people from any angle and connect. 

The New York landscape is breathtaking, its deep, detailed and swinging through the city looks incredible and effortless. The amount of tricks you can do appears to have been increased and the transition from swinging to running is flawless. Again Sony have taken a small flaw in the original game and made it work better, be that a new generation console allowance or a specific improvement to the game design?

Speed improvements on the PS5 make a real difference for example, moving from one location to another on the first game required a cutscene loading stage with Spiderman sat on the subway. On the PS5 this move is virtually instantaneous making the flow of the game much better.


I was a big fan of the first game and as far as sequels go you couldn’t ask for more. A good base game has been improved for the next generation of consoles and centred around a hugely popular version of Spider-Man who is yet to get the big screen movie coverage Peter Parker has had. Miles Morales is the Spider-Man of today as was proved in the hugely successful animated movie Into The Spider Verse while he gives representation to people of colour in the superhero audience which is something that doesn’t happen often enough. 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a fantastic game which looks amazing and will give you hours of fun and makes a great next generation launch exclusive game for the Playstation 5.

I played this game on the Playstation 5 with a self purchased copy from the Playstation store and received no incentive to review this game.

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