Product Review: Sock Tribe

You can’t beat a novelty sock and I am someone who loves novelty socks. I personally own around 80 pairs of unique, novelty socks ranging from comic book characters like Spiderman to TV shows like Only Fools and Horses or video game characters like Mario to seasonal themes like Christmas and Halloween.

Recently I took receipt of a bundle of socks from a company called Sock Tribe and never have I been so happy to receive socks. Firstly it’s the designs I noticed which were incredibly unique and something completely fresh for my collection. The first bundle was a pack of 5 Looney Tunes characters which I have never come across before. Bugs, Taz and the gang look super cool as they cover the whole sock from top to bottom. There was a pair of Batman and Superman which for any DC Comics fan is a big win. Then finally a festive bundle with some wonderfully bright designs enough to bring cheer to anyone’s ankles.

Anyone else who has novelty socks will know that the quality can sometimes be very hit and miss. I have pairs in my collection with great designs but are incredibly tight, uncomfortable or fall apart after a couple or wears. I don’t say this lightly when I say “This Sock Tribe bundle is amazing quality”. They are soft, and stretchy, yet durable and made from the finest Cotton and Polyester. I have worn every pair, but specifically I have been wearing and washing the Batman and Marvin the Martian pairs regularly and after at least 20 wear and washes they still look as good as the day I took them out of the wrapper.

If you want quality made socks with unique novelty designs for an affordable price then head over to and check out their stock. In particular look out for the mix and match any 5 for £20 offer with free delivery.

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