Review: Shadow Service #4 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Corin Howell
Colorist: Triona Farrell
Letterer: Andworld
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 11/18/2020

Coyle’s cursed past revealed! Necromancy! Gina’s secret abilities! Murderous encounters in an uncanny art gallery! The MI666 team are closing in on their target–but who’s targeting them?


This month’s issue gives a deep dive into Coyle’s back story and the origins into his powers. As with many flashback scenarios this issue does a great job of putting some of Coyle’s previous actions and decisions into perspective. As issue #4 draws to a close, I have a much stronger connection to Coyle and I think this will change the reader’s opinion of him in future issues. Someone who has previously been presented with a strong and grumpy persona now has me looking at them with more compassion and empathy. Kudos to writer Cavan Scott for some clever character plot twists which i’m sure won’t be the last.


Shadow Service continues to impress me with its blend of real life situational drama crossed with the use of dark arts and horrifying creatures. Artist Corin Howell particularly stood out for me on this issue with the levels of emotion we can see in Coyles face during the reveal of his cursed past. 

Colourist Triona Farrell steals the show in the final few pages with some sublime colour and shading. Firstly there is a page in which Gina is shown on a painting and the way in which she is surrounded by this purple aura makes me wish I could have that actual painting on my wall at home. Then the final couple of pages step up the horror with shocking and gruesome looking creatures but it’s the sickness like greens and orange which make your stomach turn.

A story which features back and forth dialogue, internal and external monologues with past and present flash back splashes in the wrong hands could prove difficult to understand. However with Andworld Design on lettering duty there is no chance of losing track of the words. All the different variations of dialogue are given their own unique style which helps the reader easily understand who is saying what to who and in what time. 


Shadow Service continues to be one of my favourite comics to come out in 2020 due to its sharp and witty writing, terrifying and graphic art and a group of misfit characters I am engaged to see develop. Also it makes a nice change to read a comic book telling magical stories set in England.

I read this via an advanced preview copy issued by Vault Comics and received no incentive to review this comic.

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