Review: Money Shot #10 (Vault Comics)

Writers: Tim Seeley & Sarah Beattie 
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
Colorist: Kurt Michael Russell
Letterer: Crank
Designer: Tim Daniel 
Release Date: 11/4/2020

The conclusion to volume two wraps up perfectly what has been an exciting, entertaining romp.


The XXX-plorers must protect the supreme authority of the universe from some really decadent space knights. Are they ready to become heralds of the gods–and is that a sexual position? Emotions flare and chainsaw genitalia roar in this epic conclusion to the second arc!

This issue started off with a bang as our primary story meets a climactic conclusion. Lacking in the graphic scenes we have come to expect but there are a couple of surprise moments I didn’t see coming which I think readers will get a real kick out of.

I want to take this opportunity to praise the writing team of Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie who have created a very unique group of characters and given us a lot of laughs along this 10 issue arc. As a fan of all of Tim Seeley’s work I was always going to read Money Shot but It surprised me how much I loved it.

I’m hopeful for a third volume as there are so many stories still to be told in this universe.


Issue #10 continued to melt my eyes with wonderfully sexy characters getting up to mischief. We get to see more of the bulbs this issue which once again stand out as some incredibly interesting and creative characters. 

I have nothing but the highest praise for Artist Rebekah Isaacs and Colorist Kurt Michael Russell who have made a fabulous team creating an exciting feast for the eyes every month.

Crank! Is one of the most consistent letterers in comics right now. Letterers are often the forgotten part of a creative team so I need to praise Crank! on their work this series which has perfectly enhanced the artwork.


Money Shot is a hilarious and sexy space romp which has created layered stories with interesting characters. Just when you think you have seen everything you can think of in space sex you turn a page and there is a new alien having some form of sexual adventure. Volume two will be a trade paperback I will have to add to my collection and will continue to recommend this series to anyone who listens.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Vault Comics and received no incentive to review this comic.

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