Review: Giga #1 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Alex Paknadel
Artist: John Lê
Colorist: Rosh
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Designer: Tim Daniel 
Release Date: 10/28/2020

In one issue Giga has built a world which is as vast in size as it is in possibilities.


The books introduction tells us there was a century’s long war between skyscraper size robots known as Giga. Nobody knows why this war started or why it ended and this has me super intrigued. These dormant Giga now serve as the home to humans and act as their gods. The thought of a comic book having big giant robots which don’t do anything had me slightly worried going into Giga, much like if someone was to say there was a Transformers movie with no Transformers. I was pleasantly surprised to not only enjoy the story in issue #1 but I didn’t mind that the Giga were no more than a backdrop to the landscape.

Alex Paknadel wrote such an engaging story and created an immense world that I’m not sure the five issue arc will be enough. The main character we meet is Evan who whilst being confined to a wheelchair never seems far away from the danger and conflict. There is a history in which we get a slight glimpse into but the story takes a 13 year time jump. It’s that period where as the reader I know much has happened to Evan and it hasn’t been an easy road for him and I want to know why.


Artist John Le with colourist Rosh have created a world which is filled with interesting and original characters against a backdrop of unique architecture. What impressed me the most as I made my way through the pages was the depth. Very often comics are simple two dimensional images with a narrow setting but Giga manages to create deep, detailed panels. There are sweeping shots of a city which seems to go on forever with layer upon layer of buildings. Another panel in which two characters are stood in the woods could have simply been that but we are treated to background with interesting Giga structures. 

Giga provides a fresh and unique aesthetic and arguably one of the most original looking comics books I have read in a while. This books style will appeal to fans of Akira and Gundam while obviously paying homage to these classic stories it still carves out it’s own identity. 

Aditya Bidikar provides the lettering which creatively tells the story without losing any of the artwork. I enjoyed the different style of speech lines away from the typical bubbles.


I think Giga has created something really special and is a must read for comic fans. A Vast, war torn world with gigantic robots and a post apocalyptic feel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading issue #1 and haven’t stopped thinking about the issues to come.

I read this via an advance preview copy provided by Vault Comics and received no incentive to review this comic.

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