Review: Rorschach #1 (DC Comics)

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Jorge Fornes
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
On Sale: 10/13/2020

The opening issue of Rorschach builds the foundation to what I can already tell will be a great mystery.


Tom King is one of the modern day legends of comic book writing and once again delivers his trademark layers of suspense, mystery and page turning action. 35 years after Rorschach’s death he somehow resurfaces, but why?

Following in the footsteps of the award winning TV series, Rorschach takes the characters and lore of the original series and gives it a fresh, original modern twist. Who is Rorschach? What are his motivations? These are the questions I find myself asking and feel will form part of the backbone to this series.


Jorge Fornes draws a very unique noir looking comic with an aesthetic of a 1980’s cop show but set in the modern day. The feel of this book reminds me of the Gotham TV series which had a similar style in older looking cars, guns and clothes but set in modern times. This style of course wouldn’t work without the colour and tone set by colourist Dave Stewart. Inspiration from the original Dave Gibbons artwork is evident while its clear Fornes is creating his own style which although plays homage to the original is building an independent story and look.

Picking up this book in 2020 feels like a comic from the 80’s but in a really good way. It’s the timely atmosphere that sucks you in and makes you think about the world of this series and forget about everything else. The artwork is intricate and detailed and delivered with the highest standard readers come to expect today. This is highlighted in a page which contains 15 panels which is a lot by any comics standards but it works with a perfect blend of detail, text colour.


As a huge fan of the Watchmen universe and Tom King as a writer I came into this series with high expectations. I can safely say my expectations have been met and exceeded. With mystery, suspense and drama I was hooked from the opening page to the very last and am extremely excited to see this series develop. 

I read this via and advance preview issued by DC Comics and received no incentive to review this comic.

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