Review: Mine (Resistance Comics)

I was recently given the opportunity to review a 27 page one shot comic called Mine published by Resistance Comics. This comic is currently available to support on Kickstarter via this link.


It’s no easy task creating a whole story within 27 pages but writer John Luzar does a great job in creating an enjoyable tale with a layered beginning, middle and end. There feels like so much more to explore with this story but at the same time I feel happy with what the comic gives me and I don’t feel like it’s missing something. 

The backbone to this fast paced Sci-Fi story is focused on Djorn. Djorn never asked to be King, but only those of royal blood can wield the power drawn from the holy Jevitine Mine, so…the job’s his. Luckily, it’s been a long, peaceful reign; the burden’s never been especially difficult to bear, until now.

I enjoyed the fast pace of this self contained story and how it allowed time for moments of concern between friends and family while glittering every page with some action. The story itself has a really interesting twist to it which makes me want to read more, maybe a second Kickstarter could be in order? Mine has the basis to an intriguing story which could be explored in both directions, what happened before the events of Mine volume 1 and more importantly what happens next.


The art is by Marcos Lima with colors by Beth Varni and letters by Toben Racicot. The team creates a very modern looking comic with sharp and vibrant colors but I like the contrast of some older looking uniforms some of the military characters have. Even with stories set in far away galaxies it shows you don’t need everything to be futuristic and out of this world. The style of the characters is reminiscent to Star Wars as you have spaceships and unimaginable devices but our main characters are dressed in robe like outfits just like the Jedi. 

There is a nice blend of simple panels to focus on the words and the story and then some large, detailed splashes of action. A few panels in particular stood out for me which were dream sequences in which Djorn is remembering moments with his mother. I found the style in which this was drawn to be incredibly unique and really made the pages pop.


I think Mine is a very enjoyable one shot comic. An engaging story with stunning visuals that has me wanting to read more from this universe.  People with a taste for science fiction and adventure will get a right kick out of this book and should head over to Kickstarter to check it out.

I read this via an advance preview copy and received no incentive to review this comic.

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