Review: ‘Heavy’ Issue #1 (Vault Comics)

Heavy is a dark and brutal graphic comic which is also one of the funniest books I have ever read. Issue #1 stands out to me for being an incredibly strong opening issue and I’m positive it will grab hold of its audience very quickly.


Heavy has a really interesting premise with similarities to stories like R.I.P.D, Reborn and Legends of Tomorrow but with its own very unique take on the afterlife. Bill is our main protagonist and after being killed he ends up in ‘The Wait’ somewhere people go when they are not quite ready to go ‘Up above’ or ‘Down below’. While in the wait people are assigned tasks to travel throughout time and the multiverse to steer humanity in the right direction. 

What I absolutely loved about this issue was how funny it was. Sarcasm is dialogue which is difficult to achieve in writing but Max Bemis does a great job mixing dead pan humor with sarcastic responses and creating some realistic banter between characters. 

Heavy feels very much like a story for today by being heavily layered with pop culture references. In particular arguments and conversations between Bill and his handler feel like you are reading a script from an episode of Big Bang Theory or Community. 


A slick, crisp, bright and detailed comic, Heavy delivers all the attributes you come to expect from a modern comic book. Eryk Donovan draws detailed, well proportioned panels which are enhanced by wonderful colors from Cris Peter. I particularly like how different areas of the book are given their own color scheme. You are in one location with a deep red and orange feel but then move onto a darker, scarier location which is boasting blacks and blues. This is a nice aid to the reader as it helps shift your feelings and expectations for what is to come. 

A special mention to Taylor Esposito the letterer who manages to wrap a text heavy story without clogging the pages. I in particular like how the text flows around the pages rather than just simply left to right.


I can honestly say I don’t remember being this impressed with a new comic. Great storytelling with wonderful illustrations. Action, humor, nudity, Heavy has it all and more. Reading this gives me the same feelings I got when watching things like Deadpool or The Boys for the first time.

Below is a preview of the opening two pages and if this isn’t enough to get you pumped for this story then I don’t know what will.

I read this via an advance preview copy issued by Vault comics and recieved no incentive to review this comic.

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