DC Fandome: Do fans want it to return?

On the 22nd August 2020 DC comics and Warner Brothers delivered a one of a kind, global event in DC Fandome. Bringing together fans from all around the world to experience this free event has never been seen before on this magnitude. 

I asked the good people of twitter if they would prefer this type of event every year instead of a comic con and this received a resounding YES coming in with 83% of the votes.


This comes down to two different factors. The first simply being timing. The world is in turmoil with the devastating Covid-19 pandemic and social events being cancelled all around the world so DC giving us something we can do from the comfort of our home while many people are still in lock down or working from home was exactly what their fans needed.

The second, and probably more major factor in the success of Fandome was its content on display. First looks at The Suicide Squad movie and game. First trailer for Matt Reeves The Batman as well as the final trailer for Wonder Woman 84. There was the announcement and footage for the new game Gotham Knights and panels for all the DC TV shows renewed for next year. If this wasn’t enough there were comic book announcements, Flash movie updates, Q&A panels with Legends like Jim Lee and all of this was entwined with fan engagement from around the world.


I can’t see any reason why not but the questions that DC and Warner Brothers have to decide is do they want to do it again? Disney/Marvel has their own DC23 event and they still attend Comic Con so could Fandome be DC’s equivalent to DC23?

What very often makes these type of decisions for big companies is the financials. Surely a pre recorded show streamed on the web is cheaper than hosting a physical event? The statistics show Fandome received over 20 million views. Did they make enough on merchandising to justify the costs? Will they charge people to view a future event online?

Whatever DC decides to do could shape the future of fan engagement so isn’t a decision they should take lightly. #DCFandome and #DCComics completely dominated social media over the weekend which is something I haven’t seen before as a life long DC fan. I for one hope they continue this format every year as I found Fandome to be the biggest, most engaging and interactive event I have ever experienced. 

Check out the Fandome footage:

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